A visual artist (painter), Anne Penman Sweet has been exhibiting internationally for nearly two decades. She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) and is represented by Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London. Jesse Shore was Senior Curator of Sciences at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, for many years, specialising in science communication and the creation of exhibitions. He is the founder of Prismatic Sciences, a science communication consultancy.

As Sweet+Shore, we first exhibited at May Space Gallery in Sydney in the Art+Science exhibition in 2013. Since then we have focused on developing our work together, and in our first full year exhibiting were finalists in the 2017 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize in Sydney, the Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award 2017 in Brisbane, and the Lloyd Rees Art Prize 2017 at Colville Gallery in Hobart (as a solo artist Anne has been a finalist in several art prizes including the Paddington Art Prize, the Celeste Art Prize UK and the Salon des Refuses). 

“The new paintings on aluminium which we are seeing for the first time have an extraordinary luminosity and presence. Working on this unforgiving surface highlights the skill and unique 'voice' of the artist Anne Penman Sweet.  The collaboration with scientist Dr Jesse Shore seems to have delivered a distinctly different visual language from her solo oeuvre, although the paint qualities and elegant manipulation of colour and mark remain evident in all her work.  The paintings evoke a visceral emotional intensity through their depiction of colour and form.” Karen Sherwood, Director & Curator Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, U.K, 2019

2019     Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Hong Kong

             Solo Show City of Hope Cupola Gallery, Sheffield U.K

             Solo Show Geochroma Nolan on Lovel Gallery, Katoomba NSW

2018     Waverley Art Prize 2018 finalists, Sydney

             Lethbridge10000 Small Scale Art Award 2018, Brisbane

             Solo Show Hexagonal, Colville Gallery, Hobart

             Bay of Fires Art Prize 2018 finalists, Tasmania

             West End, Melbourne with Colville Gallery, Melbourne

2017     Featured Artists with Colville Gallery at Mac 01, Hobart

             Showcase Sweet+Shore Cupola Gallery, Sheffield U.K

             Summer Sojourn Art Atrium, Sydney

             Lloyd Rees Art Prize 2017 finalists, Colville Gallery, Hobart

             Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award 2017 finalists, Brisbane          

             Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize 2017 finalists, Sydney

2013    Art+Science May Space Gallery, Sydney



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Bay of Fires Art Prize finalists catalogue 2018

‘New Art Highlights’ Axisweb UK 2018

Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize finalists catalogue 2017

Lloyd Rees Art prize finalists catalogue 2017


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